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Chloe tests “The Miracle Morning” – Part 2

In part 1 I set myself a challenge to do ‘the miracle morning’ every day for 30 days. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as I’m not a morning person and it meant adding something else to my routine.  But I’m always looking for ways to improve my well-being and am always willing to try new things in the pursuit of self-care.

To recap, here’s how I decided to structure the miracle morning so that it would be personal to me:

Silence – I will sit up in bed upon waking so that I do not fall back to sleep. I will drink a pint of water to begin the day hydrated, and will allow some time to ease into the day.

Affirmations – I will repeat to myself the 5 beliefs I wrote as part of the clarity questions

Visualisation – I will picture what I want to achieve out of this particular day

Exercise – I will do some (very) gentle stretches and movements to help free up my body

Reading – I will catch up on reading the news

Scribing – I will write in my bullet journal

I promised in part 1 to check back in and let you know how I got in. So here’s how I found it…


miracle morning

Starting out

Going in I knew this would be unnatural for me as it’s not a part of my normal routine. I wasn’t confident when I woke up that first morning that I would actually remember all the steps. To make it as easy as possible I placed everything I would need on my bedside table: water to hydrate, tablet to read the news on; my journal and pen; my affirmations; and a list of the steps I would be following.

When I woke up that first morning I was thankful I had done the preparation. Everything I needed was right there so I had no excuses not to do it. I managed to follow all the steps apart from writing in my journal as I ran out of time! But for a first attempt I chalked this up as a big success. I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day knowing I’d started out right.


Week 1: the uphill struggle

Day 2 of the challenge and I really struggled to get myself together. I was feeling really fatigued and achey and it was a bit of a blow after the previous day when I was able to throw myself into it. So I actually did a lot of the routine lying down! I even did my exercise in bed by doing some gentle movements to wake up the body. Again I missed writing in my journal but I did this in my lunch break. This was a nice calming activity in the middle of a stressful day. At first I felt a little down about it, but then I felt proud that I had adapted the routine based on how I felt so that it could still be done.

Day 3 and honestly…it just didn’t happen. I rarely go out and I rarely drink, but the previous night I had a meal with family and consumed a little too much wine! I tried not to kick myself too much. Looking back if I had done just a little of it, maybe it would have improved how I felt. But sometimes you just don’t have the energy.

Day 4 and I got back on the horse! Got up early on a Sunday – crazy behaviour in our household! I was the only one awake and it was really nice to have some time to myself while the house was quiet.

And then I fell back off the horse for the rest of the week. I sat for a whole afternoon dwelling on it and feeling bad. Trying to figure out why I just couldn’t get momentum going. I came to the conclusion that I needed to make a specific change. I decided that each evening before sleep I would remind myself that I don’t have to do the miracle morning, I want to do it. It’s something I enjoy when I do it. I needed to re-frame the activity from being another daily chore to complete, to some time for myself to look forward to.


Week 2: gaining momentum

During week 2 I was feeling really under the weather. A flu bug was threatening to take hold, but never completely hit. I felt very sorry for myself which usually makes me not want to do anything but eat and mope around. But after my sorry performance at the end of the previous week I was determined to start gaining momentum with the miracle mornings. And I did. Despite feeling unwell, I stuck with it each day. I found it really nice to have some time for myself at the beginning of the day. Getting myself together slowly was much more enjoyable than my usual rushed and stressful routine.

I still didn’t include journalling which meant I was missing the last step of scribing. But I usually incorporated this somewhere else in my day through using my bullet journal. I also still winced a lot when the alarm went off each morning. But if that changed it really would be a miracle!


Week 3: making it personal

When I reflected back on this week I could see myself starting to use the miracle morning more personally for my self care. The previous week I’d felt really unwell and had had a terrible week at work after a colleague was confrontational with me. I used part of my miracle morning time to review what was in my bullet journal, including my mood tracker. I’m trying to get better at this process of reviewing what I’ve recorded to ensure I make use of it. What I noticed was the vast amount of negative emotions recorded. I knew something had to change and spent time contemplating how I could make this day and the coming days different. I broke myself out of a cycle of negative emotions which could have caused increased pain.


Week 4: the final stretch

Having the time to reflect and make adjustments meant I entered this week in a more positive frame of mind. I felt brighter. I made more effort with my colleagues (even the mean ones). And I was super productive at work.

By this point I felt more like I was in a routine. I had to look less at my prompts. The routine just happened with more ease than it had in the beginning when it all felt so unnatural.  It wasn’t perfect every day – I’m only human after all. But I really felt the benefits of just stopping, and taking time just for me.


The verdict

So, did I manage to do all 30 days – no. Did I miss a few days here and there – yes. But what did I learn from this? When I missed a day, I really felt the difference. I felt more sluggish. My body didn’t seem to move quite as well. I felt more rushed and pressured. Things seemed less clear somehow. I really felt as though I’d missed out on something. You might ask were these things really happening, or was it in my mind? And my answer would be – who cares? The fact is that when I was doing the miracle morning I was clearly feeling some benefits. And this spurred me to carry on.

Above all, as the end of the 30 day challenge was approaching I knew instinctively that I would carry on. And that for me says it all.


Reminder: I’d like to be clear that I have not been asked to review this product and will receive no benefit for doing so. My feedback is honest and I share this with you in the hopes that someone else might find benefit.

Chloe x

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  1. This all sounds very interesting. It should take only 6 minutes each morning?

    I have to get up very early each day (for me it is) I wonder if I could do this. I started (before I read this) with gentle stretches already 🙂

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