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Chloe tests “The Miracle Morning” – Part 1

If, like me, you’ve heard the hype around ‘The Miracle Morning’, seen the ‘Level 10 Life’ bullet journal spreads and wondered “what is this all about?”, then perhaps I can help. And if you haven’t, read on as perhaps this might be a useful tool for your toolkit.

In my case I was hearing about these things more and more. And when so many people are checking something out then I think is this just a fad, or are people really onto something here? I tried to do some research. I also looked at other people’s bullet journal spreads on their level 10 life and tried to make sense of them. But it just wasn’t sinking in. I couldn’t understand how this applied to someone like me. So I decided the only way to find out was to order The Miracle Morning book for myself.

Now before I jump in I’d like to be clear that I have not been asked to review this product and will receive no benefit for doing so. My feedback is honest and I share this with you in the hopes that someone else might find benefit.

So here are my thoughts…

miracle morning (part 1)

What is The Miracle Morning?

The Miracle Morning is a self-help book written by life coach Hal Elrod. In short, he maintains that the daily practice of 6 habits – silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing – each morning can help improve your productivity and help you work towards achieving your life goals. Apparently this can be achieved by practising each habit for just one minute per day!

I have to admit that as I read through the book I was sceptical and cynical (as is my natural state sometimes!) for a number of reasons:

  • Affirmations and visualisations are not things I have really tried before – perhaps I perceived them as a bit ‘airy-fairy’ if I’m honest?
  • I wondered at how just one minute could make that much difference.
  • I tend to have a negative reaction to things that aim to increase my productivity – I’m too productive! That’s how I end up having flares!!
  • Ultimately I’m also always suspicious when things are linked to a product. Of course Hal will include testimonials from others about how great this is – because he’s selling a product.


Then the learning came

I was determined to stick with it. And I started to come across things that really struck a chord.

  1. Some days are a real struggle health-wise (and for other reasons at times) and getting to the end of that day in one piece is a massive achievement. But if every day’s focus is just surviving and getting to the end, where are the long-term gains?
  2. If we were rating areas of our life, no one WANTS to settle for less than a 10. And while I don’t consider myself complacent, I can’t expect to achieve the elusive 10’s if I’m not proactively taking steps to get there
  3. Hal identifies 10 areas of our lives in which to measure success. This was an excellent reminder that my life is more than my condition. And I need to ensure – as much as is in my control – that the other 9 areas are not neglected
  4. Finally, satisfaction comes when you live a life of purpose. But what is purpose? Do I know what my purpose is? Which brings me to probably my favourite quote from the book, and the one I found most empowering:
"You're not supposed to 'figure out' what your purpose is, you get to make it up, create it, decide what you want it to be"
Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning (p.36)


So what is my purpose?

The book directs you to a ‘fast start kit‘  including a 30-day challenge to start putting Hal’s methods in place on a daily basis. This starter kit in my view is fantastic! It begins by asking you to answer a number of ‘clarity questions’. The aim is to get you to assess how you feel about your life at the moment and where you would like it to be. And so the following spread was created in my bullet journal:

miracle morning

You are then directed to create a diagram to rate your life satisfaction across the 10 domains. I decided to skip a step here and come back to this. I didn’t know how I would rate myself if I didn’t have a clear picture in my head of what that 10 actually meant. So I spent time considering what success and happiness would look and feel like, and I wrote these down so I can review them. This provided a great opportunity for me to consider  – what is my purpose? What do I want out of life?

level 10

I then drew out and filled in my diagram. I went for a bar chart as I honestly just didn’t have the brainpower to figure out how to draw it as a circle!

level 10 life

And finally I recorded what small, achievable goals I can focus on now to start working towards my goals. I tried to be realistic here so that I am not setting myself up for a fail!

goal setting

Setting myself the challenge!

Having completed this exercise, I feel ready to give the 30-day challenge a go. I am going to really try to practice the miracle morning each day. I’ll check in each day on instagram to let you know how it’s going, and at the end of the 30 days I’ll write about my experiences here on the blog.

Now that I’ve set my goals, here’s how I’m going to use each part of the miracle morning so that it’s personal to me:

Silence – I will sit up in bed upon waking so that I do not fall back to sleep. I will drink a pint of water to begin the day hydrated, and will allow some time to ease into the day.

Affirmations – I will repeat to myself the 5 beliefs I wrote as part of the clarity questions

Visualisation – I will picture what I want to achieve out of this particular day

Exercise – I will do some (very) gentle stretches and movements to help free up my body

Reading – I will catch up on reading the news

Scribing – I will write in my bullet journal



If I gain nothing else from it, I can say that this process has provided a great opportunity for self-reflection. To consider what is important to me in my life, and what steps I could take to get there. I realised that the reason I couldn’t make sense of other people’s diagrams is because this is such a personal exercise. And so perhaps if you try it you’ll gain something from it too.


Over to you

Check out my daily instagram updates to see whether I’m managing to keep up with the challenge! I’ll be back in 30 days to update you on my progress here on the blog.

I’d also love to hear from you. If you’ve tried this – what did you think? If you haven’t – would you consider giving it a try? Let me know in the comments below.



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